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Name Paul Cox
Birth Year 1940
Comments Born as: Paulus Henriqus Benedictus Cox.
Place of Birth: Venlo, Netherlands.
Occupation: Director (d), Screenwriter (sc), Producer (p).
Education: Melbourne University.

1975 Illuminations (d, sc, editor).
1977 Inside Looking Out (p, d, sc, editor, photography).
1979 Kostas (d).
1981 Lonely Hearts (d, sc).
1983 Last Night At The Alamo (music, songs).
1984 A Man Of Flowers (p, d, sc).
1984 My First Wife (p, d, sc).
1984 Where The Green Ants Dream / Wo Die Grunen Ameisen Traumen (p, d, sc, performer).
1985 Death And Destiny (d, sc, editor).
1986 Cactus (p, d, story).
1987 Vincent (d, sc, edotir, photography).
1989 Island (p, d, sc).
1990 Golden Braid (p, d, sc, performer).
1991 A Woman's Tale (sc).
1992 The Nun And The Bandit (p, d, sc, editor).
1994 Exile (p, d, sc, editor).
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