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Title Dimboola
Released 1979
Production Year 1978
Director John Duigan
Comments Dimboola is an adaptation of the play written by Jack Hibberd, and first performed by The Australian Performing Group first at La Mama and then at the Pram Factory, which proved to be one of the greatest performances of its time. John Duigan hesitantly approached turning the play into a feature film. He accepted Pram Factory’s after the project had been turned down by -among others-Tom Cowan and Michael Thornhill. The play was adapted for the screen with the addition of a British Journalist. Much of the original cast was preserved for the fillms production with the exception of Max Gillies to play the journalist rather than Mutton, a ‘hanger-on’ character. The film was shot in Dimboola by Tom Cowan, this being his first time he’d worked with Panavision. Visually the film is rich, loaded with action between each frame. Critics received the film badly. It was a box office disaster and would weigh heavily on Duigan’s directorial career.
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